15 Fun Facts About Allie

About Meet Allie

This is my family. My husband, Patrick & my two little girls, Brooklyn & Charlotte, who just turned 4 & 2yrs old.

1. My husband & I are both from The Woodlands, Texas but are now in San Antonio.

2. I was born in Fairhope, Alabama but moved around a lot growing up – Fairhope & Mobile, Alabama; St. Charles & Geneva, Illinois; Blowing Rock, North Carolina; The Woodlands & Austin, Texas.

3. I met my husband when I was 16 years old working at my very first job, Double Dave’s Pizzaworks. He was actually the one who trained me! He went to The Woodlands High School & I went to The Woodlands Christian Academy.

4. I went to college at Ole Miss. All my Mom’s family went to Alabama & all of Patrick’s family went to Texas A&M. The standing family joke is that I was the Rebel of the family that went to Ole Miss!

5. I am the oldest of three girls & now have two girls. I think my family is just destined for girls 🎀 (side note - my dad is from three boys; all three of them had daughters. And now all the grandchildren so far are all girls. See what I mean, girls!)

6. My dream closet would be @lillypulitzer, @vineyardvines & @thebeaufortbonnetcompany

7. You are 20x more likely to see me without makeup on before seeing me without my pearl earrings on.

8. I got married at 20 years old - a baby!

9. Patrick served 8.5yrs as a Nuke for the US Navy. During his time in we lived in Newport News, VA & Saratoga Springs, NY

10. Before kids I was an Aesthetician for a decade. I absolutely loooved it. I love everything about the beauty industry. I preferred the medical side of Aesthetics. I worked for a Doctor for awhile and even owned a boutique day spa while we lived in New York. My plan was to go back, but after having my first daughter I realized my heart was staying home with her.

11. My daughter’s birthdays are one day apart (two years and one day apart age gap).

12. My criteria for college was that it had to be an SEC school. Because that is the most important factor in choosing a college 🤷🏼‍♀️

13. I am obsessed with monogramming, pearls & pink. And I’m seeing that my daughters are following in Mommy’s footsteps (🙌🏻)

14. My husband & I love remodeling homes. I'm the designer, he handles all the construction. We bought our very first home six weeks before I was due with our very first baby & completely flipped the house. I came home from the hospital without kitchen cabinets or baseboards! But we had the flooring in and all the painting finished so I was happy!

15. If I could live anywhere it would be Charleston. I’d pick up & move there tomorrow if it was possible. Unfortunately, my husband is in oil now and Charleston doesn't really have oil! Charleston is our retirement plan:)

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